Links to Video, Radio, Podcasts, and Media Print Articles on subjects that the Polluter Pay Federation will tackle are provided below by category.

Liabilities of Profit

Have you ever wondered why Alberta has so many inactive wells? Regan Boychuk explains and proposes solutions.

Deep Dive Podcast put out a podcast that is arguably the best deep dive into the background issues of why the Polluter Pay Federation – a property rights advocate and lobby – is so desperately required.

Guests Regan Boychuk and Tina Faiz frame the problem and the issues in this MUST LISTEN podcast:

Video Links

Background Videos

Background: Why the Polluter Pay Federation Lobby is Needed

30 Minute Presentation: Role of the Dysfunctional Alberta Energy Regulator in Creating Unfunded Oil and Gas Liabilities and the Polluter Pay Federation Solution

Retake Our Democracy (USA) Video. An American Version of What the Polluter Pay Federation is All About

Listen Carefully to Dahr Jamail Speak about Hope

Warburg Launch Event on FaceBook – Polluter Pay Federation

Steering Committee Launch Video

The Polluter Pay Federation Proposal explained.


Human Lives Depend on it

Shirley and Mark Dorin on the Health Impacts of Illegal Natural Gas Venting

Regan Boychuk on Most Recent $100 M Loan to Orphan Well Association

Didsbury Landowner Self-Help Workshop Covered by CBC

A Generation’s Worth of Cleanup Work


Don Iveson


Radio Links

CBC Sunday Edition

Guests Regan Boychuk (ALDP) and Darryl Bennett (Action Surface Rights Association)


Podcast Links

Commons Crude Podcast

Sharon J. Riley (The Narwhal), Jeff Lewis (Globe and Mail), Alana Bartol (Orphan Well Adoption Agency), Herman, Shirley and Mark Dorin


Progress Report Podcast


Duncan Kinny of the Progress Report interviews Regan Boychuk on the subjects of AIMCO and Alberta’s Orphan Well Crisis


Internet Articles and Opinion Columns

National Observer Legacy of Liability Series

CBC Articles:

An opinion article on the ‘polluter pays’ principle, which does not consider Alberta’s comprehensives laws on the subject