Two Categories of Membership Envisioned

Based on the Polluter Pay Principle

Membership categories, contribution of each category to funding, and cash flow examples are explained/provided below. The legal basis for the funding model is also addressed.

Membership Requirements for Real Property Owners (who host energy activities on their lands or are freehold mineral owners)

Membership Categories

Anyone including associations may join the Polluter Pay Federation or donate to it. A donation of 5.00 or more obtains an Associate Membership. The vision of the Temporary Steering Committee is two classes of membership. Full Membership is based on rights to recover the cost of membership from the operator – or whether a member hosts energy activities on their land or not.

Full Membership for landowners is essentially free and hassle-free (just fill out and send in the form at the link provided). Citizens may donate or join by donating what they are able to contribute.

FULL MEMBERSHIP: Surface (and Mineral) Owners

Those who host energy activities on their lands are entitled to membership in the proposed Polluter Pay Federation. The Steering Committee envisions that membership fees in this category should be recoverable from the operator and must be based on the intensity and number of activities on the land of the member.

Members in this category may pay the yearly fee (and seek to recover the cost from the operator) or elect to have the Federation invoice the operator on their behalf.

The vast majority of funding will come from members in this category (members with compensation rights as shown in the Funding Model Diagram below) including First Nations landowners.

Citizens Can Avoid the Repercussions of Privatized Profit and Socialized Industry Liabilities Through Membership Fees or Donations

Membership Categories


Any Canadian (members without compensation rights as shown in the Funding Model Diagram below) may donate or join the Federation as a member at a nominal fee (Example $20.00/yr., arguably the best investment a taxpayer will ever make) to be set by the Board of Directors or a membership committee established by the Board in future.

The benefit to each taxpayer (federal, provincial, or municipal) is to ensure that each taxpayer is not non-transparently required to pay their share of unfunded liabilities racked up by industry in contravention of the polluter pay principle, which are in the order of $150 Billion+ and rapidly growing.

Funding Model

The funding model as envisioned by the Temporary Steering Committee is illustrated below. It will be up to the incorporated Federation board of directors to make the final decisions on these and other matters.

Two Funding Sources

(1) Most funding will flow from the operator, through or effectively through, impacted landowners (parties with compensation rights), to the Federation as shown from the left. The Federation will in turn fund community groups.

(2) Other Members will provide a much smaller funding stream, INCLUDING CRITICAL INITIAL FUNDING, by way of nominal membership fees as shown at top right. This funding will propel the Federation towards cash flow ultimately funded by industry, as it should be, illustrated below.

Membership Category – Example Contribution to Funding

Federation Cash Flow Example (Property Rights Members Only)

Legal Basis for the Funding Model

A Background Primer, written for the Temporary Steering Committee (Draft 0), sets out the legal basis for the funding model shown above.

Application for Membership